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RUGBY SUPER 15 - Highlanders v Crusaders Round 5 - 17th Mar 2018

How dare they ride into our town on their high horses those imposters from that English of all enclaves, Canterbury. Rise oh brave and patriotic Southerners. Rise in true Scottish tradition and rally to banish them from our lands. Be at the Gathering, Forsyth Barr Stadium, where our clansmen intend to show these ancestors of those pasty Poms just who is boss. No class systems here lads (well maybe at the University) just men and women alike who will stoutly defend our honour in true William Wallace tradition. The can be only one.
Kick off is at 7.35pm.
And if you are coming into Dunedin and want a decent look around then don't forget to book your Larnach Castle Tour with The Castle Cruiser to have a real Southern Experience that you will never forget.

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